May 6, 2012

*Funkytown Bound* a Memphis 10 Weekend.

Greeting Peoples!

I've done quite a bit a traveling this weekend and it started Thursday evening, when I drove from the ATL to Nashville. I've driven from Atlanta to Nashville so much, I could probably do it in my sleep! I'm so good at it now, that I take on Mont Eagle Mountain at 70 mph, which is a vast improvement from not be able to tell whether I was going up or down the mountain and sticking to the very slow 55 mph. 

Friday morning was a leisurely drive to big Memphis, Tennessee where I hung out with my friend, rode around town, and met up with people me and The Rent's knew. Me and the dear old Dad rode around reminiscing about different places we used to go and went and saw the 'attractions'. I felt like a tourist in the town I grew up in with all the pictures I took! lol. 

We also toured the old neighborhood, my old schools, saw the mighty Mississippi river, went to Amro Music and bought some clarinet reeds, drove into Mississippi and looked around and even went to West Memphis, Arkansas.

Had lots of fun with my long time friend Courtney!! I still can't believe I've known you for 14 years buddy?!?! That's half of my life dude... Brace yourself people.. For the 1st time ever... after 4 yrs I'm actually posting pictures of myself on my own blog! *gasp*

Courtney is smizzing!

Then I decided to do the psycho smize.....

Beauty shot... :)

Yummy Foods..

Played some video games, cooked and had some nachos, watched Major Payne, and there was lots of laughter.. You can't beat that with a stick!!

Ended the trip in Memphis with a trip to Shelby Farms. I have so many wonderful memories here from just chilling in nature, trips taken here with school, learning to kayak with the Girl Scouts, riding horses, walking the trails, to even learning how to drive.

So yeah, it was a fairly busy weekend and now it's time to nom on some cube steak! Did you do anything interesting over the weekend?


A. Sparkle


  1. Great pics! It was great to see you again. I miss this.

  2. It was great seeing you too my friend. :) More good times to come.


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