May 31, 2012

Things I Love Thursday... 31 Pearls of Wisdom

Greetings all,

As of the 29th of May, I am officially 31 years young. I have found that a lot of my peers, whether they have a spouse and/or kids or not all seem to feel old. There's only 2 words to describe how I feel about being old at the age of 31... Plain and simple. 

1) Fuck
2) that

 I feel more alive and young now than I did when I was 21. I see being in my 30's as a true and awesome blessing. Being a teenager is all about being awkward, because you are finding out who you want to be. Your 20's are for making smart & not so smart decisions and living with the fallout on the road to becoming who you will ultimately will be. However your 30's are for being comfortable in your own skin and liking who you are, because with the living you've done up to this point, you have a sure opinion about what you like, what you don't like, & the things you absolutely won't put up with. I think your 30's are the start of the coast of life.. 40 is where you really get a good stride though, and are able to look back on the things that hopefully you are proud of.

I felt that it was appropriate for the 31st of May, that I share 31 things with you that I'm sure of..

31) Family is important. I find myself appreciating my parents more now than I ever have and I know their love has no bounds.  

30) Revenge is not for you to handle. Whatever you put out into this world good or bad, will always return to you. Let whatever higher power you believe in deal with people who bring negativity to your life and always.. and I mean always try to be your best possible self.

29) It's okay and important to be an individual and be different. Although sometimes it's a very lonely road, at some point, you will find your tribe and connect with other 'weirdos' that are just like you. I've been an odd bird all my life, and I've come to realize we have more fun than people who just follow the crowd, because we are free to actually be ourselves. 

28) Never stop learning and growing. There's a big world to explore that has great people, rich cultures, and lots of love to share. Don't limit yourself by living in a box.

27) You are never really alone. As human beings, we are all connected in some form or fashion. There IS someone else that knows what your going through. 

26) If you like yourself... others will too. Be your own biggest fan.  Nuff said.

25) You must forgive. Forgiving doesn't mean that you are forgetting how someone has wronged you. Forgiveness means that you accept the past for what it is and understand that you can't change it. Holding a grudge only hurts you.... The person who did you wrong as moved on and so should you.

24) Women: Just because you can fit into it...... doesn't mean you should wear it. And I'm dead serious.
Men: Despite what you think. It is very important that you put lotion on your feet if your gonna run around in sandals all day. No one likes to see crust flaking off your foot.

23) When your feeling low, it's best to be kind to yourself.

22) Self preservation is a must. Just because you don't feel like listening to your friends rant on and on and on and on and on again about the same 'problem' you've talked about for the past month, doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you a smart person. Be a good friend, but get off the damn phone already and take care of yourself first.

21) Doing something nice for yourself isn't selfish. It just falls under self preservation.

20) Trust your gut. It won't lead you in the wrong direction.

19) Advice...... When giving: only give if it is asked. No one likes a pushy advice giver, especially if they're saying 'I told you so'. When receiving: make sure the person your asking doesn't have a history of blowing everything out of proportion. Just because they went through something similar.... doesn't mean that you will be scarred for life like they apparently were.

18) Choose your battles wisely. Without a doubt stand up for yourself. However, everything doesn't have to be an argument and you don't always have to have the last word. Is it really that important??

17) Depression and sadness is a fickle and tricky thing to tango with. People will only climb out of that hole when they are ready to heal themselves.

16) Living by yourself is a glorious and magical wonder.

15) Journaling is the absolute best thing ever to get your feelings out of your head before it explodes.

14) Although I enjoy the occasional application of lipstick and eyeshadow, I think that society has put us in a trickbag to make us think that we need to wear a full on face of makeup at all times. You are beautiful as you are!! Your flaws make you uniquely you.

13) When it comes to relationships... if you're not happy, get out of it. Period.

12) When people hate on you and don't like you for no apparent reason at all, they are afraid of you. They can't define you into a nice neat little box. Pay them no mind and do you all day long!

11) Sometimes when people are nice to you, it's simply just that. Them being nice. Enjoy it.

10) Reading books isn't for nerds. They can take you to far away places you've never dreamed of and expose you to things you wouldn't have otherwise had any knowledge about.

9) Don't apologize for who you are. Everyone isn't gonna like you. 

8) You are most definitely only as old as you feel.

7) Religion: everyone has their own beliefs or non-beliefs. Respect others and let them be.

6) As you get older, true friends are hard to come by. If you are fortunate enough to have best friends, let them know you appreciate them.

5) There is always a plan. You are where you are supposed to be.

4) No matter how hard and scary it may be, try to let your inner light shine. Don't be afraid to take a risk and be great.

3) You learn much more than you expect when you just stay quiet and listen instead of talking so much.

2) At some point in your life, you have to stop caring about what other people think about you. Who cares if Sally down the street thinks you dress like a clown and Shawn at the office says your too quiet. You know the truth about you and you're pretty damn awesome!

1) I promise it really is okay to turn up the music really loud in the car while you're driving and sing at the top your lungs and chair dance at the same time, while people are looking at you. They secretly want to do the same thing... They're just too embarrassed. JUST DO IT!   

So there you have it folks. Pearls and words of wisdom from yours truly. What do you know for sure?


A. Sparkle 

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