July 13, 2012

It's a Process..

Greetings peoples!

The weekend is finally here and I couldn't be happier! It's been a semi stressful week that I'm glad is now complete. Now it's on to bigger and better things. Fun things.. And in the case of right now.. Yarn things! You see, I have this little obsession with yarn..... So I thought I'd share my creative process with you. 

Usually I have to be in a certain mood to be creative and I can't think up new things to do if I'm stressed. Seeing that I can't be stressed is probably the reason why ideas come to me the way they do. Generally when I'm just waking up from sleeping, an image will just pop up in my minds eye or I will be meditating and an idea will appear and I work everything out in my mind on how to make it, right then and there. Other times, I get inspiration the old fashion way and see something I like and say to myself, 'Hmm.. I should make something like that.'

Then still there are other times when I can't think of anything to do and I have to let the yarn speak to me and let it tell me what it whats to be. I have to be very quiet and listen.........

I hear some of everything like, 'Make me into a pillow.. no no wait! I wanna be a necklace. Hm, or no wait! Wait! I choose to be a scarf instead! Yes! A scarf!!' then of course I go to work and make something wonderful that I can be proud of and recommend because I would use/wear it myself.

Sometimes me and the yarn get into a fight and I get all wrapped up in my work..

This one here told me it wanted to be a 'baby blanket'. I think it lied though and decided it wanted to be an afghan instead. Three skeins later and all I have is a little over half a blanket! It's just not right.. Personally I think it's a bastard move to change it's mind when we agreed upon a baby blanket, but what can you do right? 

In the end though, it's always a happy ending and everything turns out fine. There's nothing else to it really. I make what appeals to me and I love when I find others that are into what I make. It's a really good feeling when you can make something with your bare hands that can bring someone else such happiness! There is no special studio that I have. It's just me, the couch, a good movie and/or audio book, a hook and of course the yarn and I truly love it! So for all of you yarn addicts or creative junkies, where do your inspirations come from?


A. Sparkle


  1. I love to crochet, I am usually inspired by the color of the yarn. It's difficult for me to make it through long projects like scarves though! I often start a project, but I don't complete it! I need to get better at that :)


    1. Depending on the scarf I tend to get antsy about finishing it. Me and this blanket though.. I'm ready to be finisheddddd already!!!!


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