July 8, 2012

Super Soul Sunday


I thought I would share some food for the soul today. If you've been following me for some time, then you know that I love Super Soul Sunday on the OWN. I look forward to it every single Sunday.

One of my favorite episodes was from a couple of weeks ago with Oprah & Caroline Myss, where she talks about being true to yourself and your life's purpose. Go watch the full episode (-->here<--).

Caroline Myss says that, ' If you have life you have purpose and that people suffer when they choose a life that doesn't belong to them.' 
When I thought about this, it made perfect sense to me. I reached back into my memory and thought about things I was trying to hold on to that were no longer present in my life and understood that those people or things were not meant for me. When I learned to let them go, (most of) the suffering ended and better things occurred. What is your opinion about it or if you watch the video what did you think?


A. Sparkle

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