July 30, 2012

Nobody Told Me...


Nobody told me..... that it would be so hard to build an empire and take over the world! But I digress... I went balls to the walls making necklaces and bracelets over weekend and it felt damn good. I've been so focused  (in otherwords stressed) on the business side of things, that I hadn't given myself any time to create new sparkle babies. I think my poor yarn stash was feeling neglected!

But not anymore! I've picked some bright and beautiful colors for the summer and I'm very excited about them. So I made a few 'Dope Ropes' which are my new lines of necklaces, bracelets, and many many many many bangles.

Dope Ropes

The many many many many bangles

The Bracelets

There is much more, but I figured I'd give you just a smattering of what's to come! Some bracelets and bangles are already photographed and are for sale in my Etsy Shop, so run and check it out! I'm geeked about the new additions and I have personally tested and worn my own stuff, so I can tell you with all honesty that they are not itchy and will not make you hot despite the fact that it's yarn! So that's all for now kiddies!


A. Sparkle 


  1. What beautiful items you have! I LOVE your white crochet bracelet. So feminine and pretty. I wish your shop an abundance of success. ♥

  2. Many thanks Cinders! It is much appreciated. :)


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