January 16, 2014

Weight-Loss Wednesday: on Thursday


So it’s time for what I’ve decided to be our weekly update. Last week I told you that I was reading Eat Q by Susan Albers, PSY. D. and have been learning about that method. I like the idea of it all, but it’s definitely harder than I expected. When is anything dealing with changing how you think about things not hard though? I’m still in for the ride. Anyway, I’m learning a lot about myself and my eating habits. It raises a lot of questions about why you crave certain things, what specifically you normally go to for good eats and are they comforting. Speaking of comfort foods…. You know how when you’ve had a really crappy day and you need that piece of chocolate/bag of chips to calm you down and make everything right in the world again like RIGHT NOW or you’ll implode? Well it does comfort you….. but studies show that that only works for three minutes… 

Three Minutes!?!

Crazy right? Also.. did you know that when you eat, it causes dopamine (the pleasure hormone) to be released in the body. Every wonder why the act of eating in general feels good? That’s why!


So here is the core method so far: The Eat Method
 Step 1) Embrace your feelings - in other words identify how you're feeling whether it be angry, sad, happy, excited, etc.

Step 2) Accept Your Feelings - The author says that you have to live with how you feel. Don't try to distract yourself from the feeling because, when you ignore your emotions you end up eating mindlessly. When you eat mindlessly you aren't thinking about what you're eating, how much of it you eat, or if there will be a consequence in the end. 

Step 3) Turn to Positive Ways to Manage Your Feelings - She says that you can do so by talking to a friend about what's going on in your life, taking a brisk walk, writing in a journal, meditating, just anything really to help you unwind from life's woe's.


So what's happened since last we talked? Last week was good. I struggled to up my liquid intake, but I did it. I’m not one of those people that has to be drinking something all the time or even with my meal. I can go hours without one drop of anything and be fine. Between water and tea I generally hit 6-8 cups on the daily depending on the day. I hadn’t cooked in quite some time and so last week, I made taco soup which is healthy and oh so good and Hamburger Helper was thrown in the mix as well and made with ground turkey. I felt good about last week. I identified, accepted, and managed even though I stressed.

This week is a different story. I’ve been in misery mode where everything is annoying and it all started out with catching a stupid cold. I was tired of being sick, I just wanted to breathe, I was super exhausted, stressed out from work and I was craving yummy horribly unhealthy foods. It’s amazing the effects being tired has on your body. Apparently when you’re tired, you crave sugary & salty foods and I can attest to that! 

I have an intense need for salty foods when I’m stressed and so wanting immediate relief from the ‘pain’ I got some fast food. It wasn’t even worth it though, because the food was lousy for the most part. I totally didn't accept how I was feeling. I just wanted the bad feelings to go away and so I comforted myself with food, which ended up not being comforting at all. Well... let me not lie. It was some comfort. For about three minutes! ;) Can I just say how weird it is to know that you're eating mindlessly, while your doing it? At least I can recognize it, right?

Having a cold was awful and being stressed out from work was no fun, but the thing that threw me off my game was being tired. I couldn't remember things and I didn't want to think hard about anything at all. This weeks lesson: Get enough sleep at all cost!! So that's my journey so far. Share with me what you think of the Eat Method. Sound good or like a bunch of baloney? What are your struggles or successes? I'll be here. Let me know. :)


A. Sparkle


  1. Hello, I can fully identify with what you speak, I am just recently getting over a cold as well, and eating healthy was not on my list of things to do... a ham sandwich and chips were delish.... I have been attempting to get back on track all week - I have made small steps. Partner in Crime.

    1. Hello there. :) Small steps are key! It might take a little longer, but eventually you get to where you want to be. :)


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