January 30, 2014

Winter... You Can Go Now.


It's still snowy here in Atlanta and oddly and luckily enough my job has let us leave early on Tuesday! I jumped in joy when I found out this news and immediately started to shut down all of my computer programs. I bundled up in my Adidas coat, fingerless gloves, large infinity scarf, and threw my purse over shoulder and made a beeline to the front door!
I knew it would be bad out in the streets, but I had no idea how bad... I've driven in the snow plenty of times so I thought it'd be fine. Living in upstate New York, you have no choice but to drive in the stuff.. However I forgot that I live in Georgia. A state where they aren't used to snow and ice and don't have salting truck ready to go. A trip that normally takes fifteen minutes took forty-five minutes! I found out later from a friend that it took her f-i-f-t-e-e-n hours to get home!! I honestly couldn't even fathom.

The city literally did shut down! The interstates looked like a zombie apocalypse happened and nothing but a car graveyard was left.. Cars were abandoned, because there was nowhere to move, some were stranded with no gas, others were huddled together in collisions, and its still bad in spots. I heard about places like Kroger and Home Depot taking people in and letting them spend the night, because they had no way to get home and others simply walking out in the streets handing out food to those that were stranded.

On the opposite side of things, there were talks of police ticketing peoples cars that were abandoned and others charging the people around them for the snacks that they happened to have on them. I guess you will see the good and the bad in times of crisis!

My place of work was closed yesterday and open a half day today and I was grateful that I could get out of my complex to go make some coins. Unlike some other places........... my job will not pay us or allow us to use vacation time or PTO to make up for time that was missed while the business was closed. Which is completely bogus in my opinion!! You could at least let us use or own vacation time to help us still get paid. However, I digress.... I could go on forever about that subject. But I won't. ;o)

Quite frankly, I'm over totally over winter.  I like living in Georgia because we normally have very mild winters. This time last year we were in the seventies.... Oh elusive Spring, please come do your sultry dance down this way and bring life and warmth in your wake. I'm ready to pull out the sundresses and sandals! Who's with me? What's your weather like where you live? I'll be here. let me know. :)


A. Sparkle


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