January 21, 2014

When In Doubt #1


I've been feeling on the not so motivated side of things lately. I don't like to wallow in that for too long, because it doesn't feel good and well.... who wants to hear someone complaining! (I know I don't) A while ago I either read or watched something that said to write down things you're thankful for when you're feeling low and so I thought I'd make a list of things that made me smile and/or that I’m grateful for today!

For Smiles... 

*The song that I'm obsessed with right now was playing on the speakers in the bathroom at work, so I decided to have a dance party for one. Me and my dancing jubilation almost got caught by one of my co-workers. I smirked and pretended I was scratching my head and just walked into the nearest stall. :) 

*In the midst of this very cold and bleak winter, Monday's weather reached into the 60's. It was a beautiful glimmer of Spring that I wish would last. Oh how Spring is so fickle. :)

*I bought a new stainless steel (for lack of a better word) drink container that I have a love/hate relationship with at the moment. It holds 12 ounces of soul warming goodness and it will stay that way for eight whole hrs (according to the sticker). I prepared a kettle of boiling hot water that I poured into my new found friend at six am. I knew it would take some time to cool down so I let it be for oh um about two hrs. Two hrs later I went to take a swig and burned the crap out of my tongue and then had sandpaper tongue for the rest of the day!! Don't act like you don't know what sandpaper tongue is...... I could only laugh at myself for not testing the liquid first! We've found quite a happy medium now, where  I don't boil the water as long and I throw in a couple of ice cubes for good measure. :)

For Thanks...  

*If you didn’t know.. I've recently come to have a new badass car. For those of you who know me personally, you'll know that I gave it a name, because well..... I name everything! It's just fun. Maybe it's the fact that I'm an only child and my playmates (when my friends weren't with me) were inanimate objects. The world may never know! Anyhoo, I've named my car Siren Lotus Insert Last Name Here  and I am so very grateful for her. This is the first car I've had with power everything (i.e windows & locks), sunroof, remote start, and GPS! It's a total treat and can I just admit that I feel a little fancy? My car is totally sexy! :)

*Gloves!!!! More specifically fingerless gloves that turn into mittens. When working at such a place as I do (as well as many of you) where they don't like to turn the heat on for some reason, it is a wondrous and total gift from the heavens that there are fingerless gloves... My hands stay so cold and it gets hard to type, so thankfully my gloves/mitten (maybe glittens? or Mloves? ha ha) are here to save the day and save my fingers from frost bite! :)

My work is done here. Tell me what made you smile today? What are you grateful for? Let me know! I'll be here. :)


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  1. :) This was fun to read! I also got an awesome new car a year and a half ago and I still feel fancy about it. It's the nicest thing I've ever owned!

    1. Oh this is the nicest car ive owned too.. Glad to know the fancy feeling wont fade away! :)

  2. thank you, now and again you need to be reminded to not let things get you down. think of the things that make you smile, and the things to be thankful for..... partner in crime.

  3. Awesome things to be enjoy. And we can enjoy things alone and with others. Should have had the co-worker join in on the party. May have made their day if they're that kind of person who you could have fun with lol. No up-tight people at your party. i'm sure Spike is happy with your new ride :-)


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