January 3, 2014

Vision Board 2014

Welcome to 2014!

I love the start of the New Year! It’s almost as if everything from the past year just gets cleaned away and you get to start anew. I know it’s all in people’s mind, but it does provide some comfort and hope knowing that the new year can bring new joyous beginnings. Speaking of new beginnings, why is it that making resolutions seem to get a bad rap nowadays? I wasn’t really into the whole making New Year’s resolutions for most of my life, because let’s be honest.. most people (including myself) have just broken them. I do like the idea of setting goals that you’d like to achieve though. It’s the same thing as making a vision board, which I’ve been told by my friend that I must join in on this year.

I’ve decided to create one on Polyvore. If you’re addicted to or even remotely like fashion…. you need to be on Polyvore. You get to make a collage of outfits, themes, and your personal style. For me it’s like going on a carte blanche shopping spree and everything fits perfectly! Warning: It can be very addictive.

Vision Board 2014

Strapless dress

Tom Dixon black light
$695 - madeindesign.co.uk

RoomMates Decor vinyl wall decal

My Official Goal this Year: Discipline!

It encompasses everything that I want to accomplish or work on, (i.e. living a healthier lifestyle, keeping up with chores, really setting up a schedule for my Etsy business and taking inventory, learning how to let my light shine, writing and blogging more consistently, etc, etc, etc.) So what are your goals or resolutions? Let me know!

A. Sparkle

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