August 13, 2014

The Infamous Bathroom Pic

Greetings Friends!

I thought I would ask a question I've been wondering about lately. Most places that I've worked have had a full length mirror in the bathroom if not elsewhere in the building and I like to take advantage of it. I wanna make sure that I'm not walking around with my zipper down or that little piece of crust in the corner of my eye that always seems to appear out of nowhere is kept down to a minimum. Then that leads to other things like taking a picture and posting it on Instagram, because you think your outfit is cute!

Next thing you know, you have a ton of bathroom pictures in your phone's photo gallery and you're looking pretty vain, because you have so many pictures of yourself! I won't lie... I take a picture everyday..... and I don't feel vain at all! Ha!

I used to try to minimize the whole, "I'm totally in the bathroom right now, can't you see the stalls?" look, but now I just don't care. It's fun and I like taking pictures. As you can see, I pretty much stick to the same poses. You gotta stick to easy poses in case a co-worker walks in, so that you can look normal and as if you're just standing in the bathroom messing with your phone, ya know?

Sotell me, do you take the infamous bathroom picture at work or even at home? Have you become so good at it that you can give tips or tricks on how to take the best covert photos? Let us know!


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