August 3, 2014

Weekend Rambles...

Greetings & Happy Sunday!
Are you just joining for Weekend Rambles? I like to think of this as a non-judgment, free flowng thought kind of space. I'm curious about and welcome your rambles and thoughts for today. Enjoy!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I can't say that I've done anything terribly exciting, but I can say I've worked my butt off trying to complete homework!! Yesterday was spent on the floor, with a pillow, my MacBook, and my notes. I feel good about the work I've done, and that's all that matters. What have you been up to this weekend? Did you have fun? Let's ramble for a little bit and then I'm off to get back to studying.
* How do you shop for towels? I've avoided buying towels for years in fear that I will get the ones that leave little lenty balls all over you when you're trying to dry off.
Why I've never Google'd how to shop for towels, I don't know. Or even bothered to look at reviews for that fact. I swear WikiHow has the answer on how to do everything in an easy 16 step process. Lol. There is even one on 'How to be a Hipster'... And it has pictures to help! Ha! 
* I don't know how and haven't the foggiest idea as to why, but me and a co-worker were talking about bathroom tissue... Or rather the lack thereof. She was saying how she hates using the bathroom at someone's house and not knowing where the extra tissue is. I too hate this. It's awkward enough using someone's bathroom, but then to have to ask for tissue just adds insult to injury. Especially if you didn't look first before you sat down. (I suppose this is more of a woman problem than men, because we need tissue for everything we do) Do you keep tissue out in the bathroom for your guests? I was always taught that you keep some out for your guests, be it in the cabinet underneath the sink, in a cute basket, or just on the back of the toilet. No on likes scrambling to find some and I personally feel very weird about looking through peoples bathroom stuff (if they aren't available to ask) or trekking to the linen closet to explore for some damn tissue. You knew I was coming to stay... Just put some out.
* Although I'm not excited about the cold weather coming, I am exited about Fall! The scarves, beautiful falling leaves, apple picking, corn mazes, and rain boots... I love it all! There always seems to be an energy that crackles in the air when Fall is here and I definitely want to get out and enjoy it. Plus, Fall means Yarn Season!!!! I don't need an excuse to crochet, but Fall just makes it more appropriate. :) I can't believe school is getting ready to start too, which means football games and Homecoming to attend. I'm so ready. Do you have a favorite part of Fall?
I'm keeping it short and sweet today so that I can get back to coding. If you're curious about how it's going, you can check it out "here"! Have a great day peeps!

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