August 31, 2014

The Sunday Short

Salutations Friends!
It's early Sunday morning (yes the clock says 6:42 am) and I have no clue as to why I'm up so early. You would think that your body knows it's the weekend and therefore would say, 'Okay everyone. Let's make sure we take advantage of sleeping in today.' Since me and my organs are up, we figured why not say good morning, so....
Good morning dear friend! How are you?
Let's see now.. Today shall consist of warm delicious tea being sipped and enjoyed slowly, writing some more blog posts, editing pictures for Etsy (which hopefully won't take forever and a day!), and of course working on a new crochet project which I am highly excited about!! #Canwesaysupergeeked It will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to look at. :)
What is your day looking like?


In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few things..

* I'm getting really big into men's wear for some reason and guys get to wear the best socks! I like these here and here.

* Go ahead and tell them how you really feel here!

* If you like fashion then you'll get addicted to This Show!

* The silly reason you can't wear white after Labor day..

 * Get a dose of inspiration & love here. :)


Happy Sunday and have a great Labor Day!



  1. So true! I steal hubby's socks all the time! :)

    1. Ha ha.. Me too! They are just more comfortable. :)

  2. Love it! Mens wear is so cool...tailored for us women, it's very unexpected and chic!

    Drat. Hate waking early. Hot tea and a list of things to do will make the day go by quickly!

    Love your space here...I'm popping over from the EBT...

  3. might have had less sleep, but a long day to do many great things right?
    I must say that I prefer to wake up refreshed, then staying in the bed too long. Sometimes I wake up at 7 on my free day and think I should sleep more, but if I do I always wake up feeling worse. I guess in cases like this we ought to believe our bodies and just get out of bed ;)

  4. Ha Ha I wear white after Labor Day, if I feel like it, and don't much care. I am not big into rules though, especially fashion rules. I hate taking pictures for Etsy. It really does take forever in a day. Can't wait to see your new crochet item. Oh and I hate socks, even men's socks. I have not wore socks since I was pregnant with my first child 14 years ago, and I lived where it snowed most of the year.

  5. I am that way with sleep too! When the pressure to sleep in is on...I can't do it! Ha ha!
    And I wear white whenever I feel like it...which is not a lot. But I feel like I can't break the rule when I want to!


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