April 23, 2012

and Last Week was some Straight up BullS***

Greetings all,

Last week was very stressful for me. It went something like this....

Yeah.... sweatshop and all. I was stressing about my job, my 'job after my job', & just life in general. I just was not feeling the love last week. Have you ever had those times where you were just wearing yourself out? That was me and I had to step back and reflect on what I was doing to myself. To quote what I've been hearing on Oprah's LifeClass, you have to be present now. I was worrying about what was going to happen in the future and what had happened in the past, instead of taking care of myself in the moment.

So on Sunday, I got my ass off my shoulder (I always get this crazy mental picture when I say that, lol) and decided that despite the fact that things weren't going how I wanted them to, I could do something right now, to help me get back to a good place. One of my most favorite places in Atlanta is Little 5 Points. When I go there, it feels like home, like I've found my tribe. The creative energy there is just wonderful and it makes me feel inspired. I even spoke to a few other artists about selling on Etsy, and different tips and tricks to be more successful. It was an all in all great day. It didn't hurt that I bought a few nice things too like these earrings! 

They are made of very soft blue and black leather and are very lightweight, which I love. I haven't seen anything like these before so I like them a lot. Go visit Ellis at www.EllisArtcessories.com to see more of his jewelry. 

Of course I took other pictures around Little 5 Points. You know I love the street art and and flowers. These made me smile...

After a fun filled day of being social and buying up cool stuff, I decided to head to Urban Cannibals to grab a sammach and just relax and enjoy the sunshine.

So that was the weekend. How was your week and end?


A. Sparkle

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