April 5, 2012

Things I Love Thursday.. A.Sparkle edition


I hope everyone has had a fabulous week thus far. This week seems to be moving quickly for me and I like it! There is nothing worse than when the work week drags on and on and on and on and on and seems to last for 10 days instead of only 5. I was told by one of my former co-strugglers that you shouldn't wish for time to move faster, b/c you are wishing your life away... Now.... although that did give me pause in saying 'I wish it was ___ o'clock already!!!', it really didn't make me stop wishing that time would go faster. I mean really... is me fast forwarding through the last two hours of work really gonna be that big of a deal, that I would actually miss something? Nope. Just give me the remote like Adam Sandler had in the movie 'Click' and we can scoot right on past the these last two oh so boring hours of work. Thanks...

Moving right along.. In the spirit of Things I Love Thursday from one of my favorite blogs, I will be sharing what I love today. First and foremost being the new necklace I just finished! (soon to be featured in the shop) I really do love it and it's super soft. I plan on doing a couple more similar to this one, and in different colors. Yay!

My next love is this mural I spotted a couple months back when it was still cold outside. The procrastinator that I am, I'm just now showing it to you. You forgive me though, right? Of course you do. It was really kinda huge so I took pictures in halves and did close ups. I wrote another post called 'The Broke Version of Adventure' where I show another mural and I think that this and that one were done by the same artist. Most of the paintings I like tell stories and this one seems to be telling a really long one. What do you think it's about?

Last, but not least I love this crocheted chair! I saw it a while back when I went to the High Museum of Art. You would think that all that lacey stuff would be covering a real chair right? Nope! You can see straight through it to the negative space. It's almost like someone sprayed it with five cans of starch and said, 'Ok! It will stand alone now.' It's pretty freakin awesome..

So things that get honorable mentions are: yarn that's on sale, 70 degree weather, Extra's Apple Pie flavored gum, Easter egg hunts!, receiving surprise mail from family & friends, really great phone conversations that last three hrs, Rice-a-Roni (yes.. the San Francisco Treat ding! ding!), and cupcakes from OMG cup & cakes.

What are your current loves for today?


A. Sparkle

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