April 11, 2012

And I Pick THE most crowded Days...

Happy Hump day folks!
I'm currently sitting in Barnes and Noble flexing my cool kids muscles. It always seems appealing to go sit in some coffee shop or in my case Barnes and Noble and be uber involved in what I'm doing on my laptop all the while looking chic. Most days I talk myself out of it, telling myself it's too cold/hot/I'm tired/why go when I have the internet at home?/blah blah blah. Today was different though. The sun was shinning bright and looking glorious and I felt like being around people. Something just said, 'Why not? Go ahead. Get outta here! Ya! Ya!' (to quote my bestie)

Over the weekend I decided to have an Atlantic Station adventure. Why I chose EASTER weekend to do this, the world may never know. I really went, so that I could pick up and few items from Old Navy, my clothing haven. Ok........................................
SIDEBAR: People who put on WAY too much cologne/perfume and prefer to walk in a mile wide cloud of what they consider 'smell good'....... are quickly getting on my nerves!!! My nose if far to sensitive for this people!!! O-M-Gness! Ok, end rant.

So anyway, yes I went there just to mainly go to Old Navy, but I figured that if I'm going to fight my way through a million people who are milling around, clouds of toxic smoke, crying babies, and hyper kids, I might as well visit some other stores as well.

and more throngs..... 

After shopping in Old Navy and bobbing and weaving through the throngs, I finally made it to H&M.
 :::cue heavenly choir music:::
To be met by...... you guessed it. More throngs of people. 

Next stop was to Fa'brik a cute little boutique. I have no idea what this pattern is called, but I really really dig it! Oh and the shoe was cute too, lol. I'm a sucka for blue and brown living together in harmonious co-existence. 

On the way out I saw this huge ball that people were crowding around and being the ever curious Gemini that I am, I went to go find out what was going on. Apparently some college fraternity was having anyone they could find sign this ball, because they got a dollar for every signature and they were donating the money. How awesome is that?!?! I felt like I was in a Soul Pancake moment. I'm in love with Soul Pancake. They show it at the end of Super Soul Sunday (which I love even more than Soul Pancake) every week on OWN. If you haven't seen it, you must check it out!! 

So ta-da!!! That was my Saturday afternoon. I'll be back tomorrow for Things I Love Thursday.

A. Sparkle

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