April 8, 2012

Shorty Doo Wop

Greetings and Happy Easter for all of you who celebrate it!
Thought I would share a shorty doo wop post and let you see what I've been working hard at this weekend.
What you see here is an almost finished product with a little more tweaking that needs to be done.

I've actually been working on this necklace all week, just to find out that I miscalculated somewhere. This is the result of miscalculating.... You get to take your necklace all apart and start from scratch. Ugh!

But! One movie and a half later, a great necklace started to form. I guess I wasn't listening to what the yarn wanted to do the first time around and I payed the price. Now we have made a pact to work together to make a beautiful necklace!

You'll be the first to see the finished product when it hits Etsy. So until then...



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