April 26, 2012

Things I Love Thursday.. Music Edition!


I'm so excited about this upcoming summer I could just burst! It should be filled with wonderful trips around the Southeast region of the good ole US of A. 

First on the list for today is traveling!!I love to travel and one of these days I will travel to all the countries that I want to see around the world. Come tax return time again next year, I will have the opportunity to save the majority for taking some exquisite vacation to lets say Bali.... It could happen.
Since this IS the music addition of TilT, I'm gonna start with the 70's (even though I wasn't alive then, but it has some really good music nonetheless) and work my way down. 

Earth, Wind, & Fire-Keep your head to the Sky
This song just always takes me to another place and just let's me know that everything in the world is gonna be alllllllright.

Phil Collins & Phillip Bailey-Easy Lover
If this don't scream 1980's I don't know what does.... 

Michael Jackson-PYT
THE king of Pop! My favorite singer and world wide star Micheal Jackson.. The best that ever was, I don't care what you say! Not 'Beat It', 'Thriller', 'Billie Jean', nor 'Off the Wall' can get me jumping and dancing around the house like a lunatic, about to have a heart attack like PYT. It's PYT all day long in this house!

Blind Melon-No Rain
I must admit that even though I've loved this song for a long time now, until I just looked it up to share it with you............ I didn't know the name it. I know you're gasping right now, but it is what it is. The video made me fall in love with this song, and I know all of five to ten words to it, but I can hum the shit out it. lmao! Don't judge me. ;)


Bone Thugs n Harmony-Crossroads
::: sings ::: 'Bone Bone Bone Booooone, Booone Bone-Booone Bone-Bone..// Why they kill my dog, and man I miss my Uncle Chaaaaarles y'all..' You know that was everybody's favorite part of the whole song! 

Bob Marley ft Lauryn Hill-Turn Your Lights Down Low
I used to drive my bestie insane playing this song so much our sophomore year in college!! My bad, Kim... lol! You know how it is when you're addicted to a song. It's just an easy song to groove to, that's talking about love, that you should just put on repeat every now and then.


Avril Lavigne-I'm With You
When this song came out, I was working at the mall and they only allowed a certain genre of music to dance in our ears. This type of music happened to include Avril Lavigne. At first it was like, 'what is this chile yellin about?' and then I actually started listening to the lyrics. That tends to occur once you've heard a song 50 ba-jillion times.... Somehow, I started liking it, which prompted me to buy the album. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

So there you have it folks! A few of my favorite songs over the past 4 decades and it includes a little bit of everything, but doesn't nearly scratch the surface of ALL of my favorites. Hope you enjoyed it, now tell me what songs dance around your playlists!


A. Sparkle

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