November 7, 2014

All Aboard! It's Divine Friday!


Congratulations on making it through another work week! Its Divine Friday so let's have some fun. How does Divine Friday work, Sparkle? Everyday, I try to find The Divine in my everyday life and take a picture. I choose which one I think is the best and I share it here with you guys! I post it on my Instagram and Pinterest using the hashtag #DivineFriday. You should join in the fun too! Just snap a shot of whatever made you smile this week and share it on your Instagram or whatever social media of your choosing. Sounds easy, right? :)

So last week I was on my way home from work and everyday I have to cross over the train tracks to get to my destination. On this particular day I got caught by the train! Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I get aggravated by having to wait on the train. But on this day I saw the beauty in the train. The Divine. So I rolled down my window, stuck my phone out, and snapped  the shot as it was passing by!  

Trains have always had this mysterious quality to me. I don't really know why, but I tend to be drawn to them. One of these days I will take a real train trip somewhere! Maybe a nice long trip to the West Coast. :) I can see it now.. Me and The Boo will be all snuggled up sitting in our seats next to the window enjoying the scenery.  And of course I will have my writing utensils, camera, and a novel to read. 

Where did you find beauty this week? Show us and use #DivineFriday! Have a great weekend everyone!! 


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