November 21, 2014

#DivineFriday: A New Dawn


Congratulations on making it through another work week! Its Divine Friday so let's have some fun. How does Divine Friday work, Sparkle? Through the week, I try to find The Divine in my everyday life and take a picture. I choose which one I think is the best and I share it here with you guys! I post it on my Instagram and Pinterest using the hashtag #DivineFriday. You should join in the fun too! Just snap a shot of whatever made you smile this week and share it on your Instagram or whatever social media of your choosing. Sounds easy, right? :)

There is just something about the morning time that's refreshing! I love waking up early in the morning (not that I do it all that often on my days off) and knowing that there's a clean slate of a day just waiting on me to enjoy. Plus there is a quietness in the morning that I just really like. I think if you listen well enough, you can hear Mother Nature waking up. :o) I like sitting outside just after the sun comes up, before there are people and car noises that start. It's very peaceful.

Plus.. Morning time has the best food!

Scrambled Eggs..
Breakfast Rice..
Country Fried Steak..
French Toast..

Come on son! You can't deny breakfast is the best.. Okay, I know I just went on a food tangent so back on subject. :) So, if you haven't guessed by now, today's picture is of the sunrise. I saw it while I  was driving *cough* I mean.. riding down the street on the way to work. I always find The Divine in the sunrise.  What did you find The Divine in this week?



  1. I love the mornings...but I love my bed more!! Great sunrise!

    1. Thanks! I completely understand.. Haha.. I love sleeping in, but when I have the chance to see the sunrise I do enjoy it. :)


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