February 13, 2014

Art & Crochet


Happy Thursday! I've been in a super creative zone as of late and I've been riding the wave and will continue to do so until it has exhausted itself. Don't get me wrong.. I'm also creative otherwise, but there are moments when it's so overwhelming that you have no choice but to create something, anything, or explode! If you hadn't noticed, I have a new look and new name now (trying to get the domain name loaded has and still is a hassle!!), which is as you guessed a part of this creativeness oozing out all over the place. To be honest, it's been in the works for a while now. Something said, 'Do it now!' and so voila! I did. :)Did you notice that I know have tabs at the top of the blog?? Go check it out already!

I have to wonder if that's what happened in this instance with this street art. I was at Kroger minding my own business when this guy here on the pavement let out a forlorn moan. I don't know why he looks so melancholy. Maybe that's what the artist was feeling when he/she did it? I always wonder what time of day street art occurs... Is it all at 3 am or in broad daylight?

On to a little art of my own.. These are my newest yarn addiction projects. I finally made a slouchy hat for myself. I've made these for quite a few people now and I wanted to keep each one of the hats I made. Well now I can sport mine. Self-promotion, anyone?

If you've been following me on Facebook or Instagram then you'll know that this is my first Man Scarf of the season! Please excuse the rough quick pictures.

What's more manly than ribbing, right? And guess what else?? It's reversible! The guy that requested it wanted these colors, I guess for those light or dark khaki days at the office? You like it, I love it!

It's another snow day here in Atlanta and I'm pretty much trapped in my complex until tomorrow's temps melt it all away. So enjoy the day kiddies, because I certainly will!


A. Sparkle


  1. The scarf is cool!! :)

    I love random found art.

  2. Thank you! When I find random art it's like finding money you forgot you had stashed away somewhere. You're always glad that you happened upon it. :)

  3. I love the " man scarf" (smile) and a good choice of colors.

    1. Thank you! I think it turned out well. :)


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