February 25, 2014

Food Adventure #29


Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and perfect for my first Food Adventure for the year! I was really craving some Mexican Food, so The Boo and I traveled downtown for what so far seems to be the best Mexican place in Atlanta. It’s not often that you will find well-seasoned authentic Mexican, but this place does.

Welcome to Las Margarita’s!


I tried to take more inside pictures, but the host that sat us came up a little too quickly for me to covertly snap any more than two pictures and as you can see, one is fuzzy! I’ve been here two other times to be exact. Don’t even ask me what I got before, because I haven’t the foggiest! J However this time I got the chicken quesadilla supremo.

Whenever I go to a new Mexican (or Tex-Mex) spot I always try the quesadilla. I mean… you can’t really mess that up can you? This one didn’t come with any cheese on it, which I thought that was weird. I was like, ‘Am I missing something here?’ I figured why not try something different and I proceeded to eat it though, because it was good. I’m not a true fan of guacamole, but the stuff they served was awesome so I pretty much killed it.
Have you had any really good Mexican or food in general lately? Pretty soon I’m going to start a breakfast quest, because well….. I love breakfast! I’m not talking about the typical IHop, Denny’s or (in the case of the south) Waffle House. I’m talking real on purpose breakfast spots that serve it all day because breakfast is the awesomest meal EVER and Granny and nem are in the back sprinkling magical delicious secret ingredients in the food kind of places! So until the next adventure…
A.  Sparkle


  1. Where is it located? Looks yummy !

  2. It's right off of Cheshire Bridge so real close to OHD. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹


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