February 5, 2014

When in Doubt #2


When in doubt, give thanks. Happy Wednesday all! I don't know about you, but between last week and this week, my life has been fairly busy. Although I've had some not so good times, I always like to reflect on what's good in my life to put things into perspective. The added bonus is that you feel better after said reflection too. :) So, here we go:

1) This is gonna sound simple once you read it, but sometimes it makes all the difference. I went to Wal-mart a couple days ago to get a few things. I just have to tell you that, I probably live near the worst one in existence!  They aren't consistent with the items they stock, if they are stocked at all and customer service at the check out lines doesn't exist.. and I'm totally not exaggerating here. (Why I shop there is a story for another day) Anyway, I just popped in there for something quick and when I got to the register the woman actually greeted me with a hello, asked if I found everything okay, as well as asked how I was doing. I was floored. She was..... friendly!! That had never happened at this Wal-Mart before! It was great and it made me feel like she appreciated my business. Now while I know that more often than not 'friendly' customer service is fake, (trust me when I tell you I know about these things. I have many years of customer service training) despite that factor it made me smile and feel good and that's the important part. I totally appreciated that. Thank you friendly Wal-Mart cashier. That made my day. :)

2) Sometimes during the winter months when it's cold and cloudy all of the time, it effects my mood in a negative way. I am totally a person that needs to see and feel the sunlight otherwise I start to get sad. After a string of gloomy days it was nice to see the sun and not only was the sun out it shown it's beautiful sunrays! I was driving home marveling at the magnificence of it all when a memory flooded my mind and made me smile. When I was four or five I used to believe that the 'sunshine' belonged to me. I owned it. It rose in the sky because I was in existence! I believed this whole-heartedly. One day at my grandparent’s house I was standing at the screen door looking out at the sunshine and my Great Aunt Lucy asked what I was doing. So I proceeded to tell her that I was looking at the sunshine and it belonged it me. She tried to convince me that the sun wasn't just mine and that it was for everyone to enjoy. I shook my little head and begged to differ. Have you ever tried to argue with a 4-5 year old?? Once something is locked in their mind, it's not a conversation you're going to win! Of course I politely explained to her that the sunshine was mine, because I had claimed it, but still she tried to tell me differently. At some point she gave up on me and walked away and I basked in the glow of my sunshine knowing that I was right all along and had won against a grown-up. Now that I'm much older, I know that she was right and I still love the sunshine. :)


What's made you smile this week? Leave me a comment or email me at eclecticoasisart@aol.com.


A. Sparkle


  1. Well, haven't you made me smile today. :O)

  2. If people only knew how a simple Smile or a friendly greeting can change someone's day.


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