May 11, 2014

Weekend Rambles..

Greetings Friends!
Hope everyone has had a great weekend, because I know I have! Are you just joining for Weekend Rambles? I like to think of this as a non-judgment, flowing freely thought kind of space. I'm curious about and welcome your rambles and thoughts for today. Enjoy!
* I've recently had the opportunity to be around firearms. It's surprising to me how many people have guns! They've never been apart of my world, so I guess I've never thought about it. Do you like guns? Do you have one? I don't know if I'd be prepared to hurt and/or kill someone, if at some point someone was to roll up on me to cause me harm.
* Do you pay your bills on time? I'm always curious if people really do. I know it's silly, but sometimes I like holding on to my money as long as possible, just so I can see it there in my bank account, and you know... Just in case something comes up by surprise that I need money for. It's silly, I know... I can't be the only one.
* Speaking of money.. Am I the only one that curses and throws Salle Mae the Finger whenever you think about paying back your student loan? I swear that was one of the biggest and most stupidest decisions I've ever made in life. Damn your evil, non-forbearance giving having pass Salle Mae! ::: shaking my fist in the air :::
* Sometimes, I want to grab a blanket, lay out in the grass (or on my balcony) and stare up at the clouds and find shapes. I used to have this big rug, I would pull out of the storage room when I was a kid and me and my friends would lay on it in the grass and stare at the clouds for what seemed like hours. Good times.
* Why do people wear sunglasses outside when there's no sun!? I've never understood this... Are your eyes just that sensitive to light or are you just trying to look cool?
* I've finally pinpointed what I want to go back to school for! It's a reeeeeeeeeeeeeally good feeling to know what direction I want to go in now.
* Do you dream a lot? I go through periods where I remember I've dreamt and then others times I don't. I'm not sure what makes the difference. From what I understand, we always dream, but we don't always remember them. Sometimes in my dreams I'm not even me. Sometimes I'm a man who's this Indiana Jones type of guy who's on an adventure. Other times I'm just watching the dream and I'm not even in it. Have you ever been able to speak another language in your dream? I have! Now that was awesome!
* Stretch pants are meant to be worn with something over them whether you have a great body or not! Sorry, that's just my opinion.
* Happy Mother's Day out there to all the mommies today! I love my mom very much and I miss her everyday! She's a classy, funny, loving, generous lady, and I can't wait to be in her presence at the end of this month. :)
Well that's it for now! May your day be filled with love, joy, and only people that will uplift you and bring positive energy into your life and space! :)


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