May 4, 2014

Weekend Rambles

Wist List

Acquaverde jumpsuit

Call it SPRING gold jewelry
$20 -

Fedora hat

Butter London nail polish


Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend thus far. :) Yesterday I went to a huge flea market that probably had everything you could think of, even some Beats headphones for $15. Ha! There were booths selling shoes, clothes, beauty & bathroom products, electronics, original Nintendo games and and assortment of gaming consoles, kitchen appliances, and lets not forget the food stands selling fresh fruit by the cup and wheat chips by the bag. Have you ever seen wheat chips before? I hadn't. They look like fake round orange slices. Never would've guessed they were wheat and people were buying up a whole bunch. Everywhere we went there were a ton of kids nomming on those things!

Today I'll be out and about window shopping, enjoying the sunshine, and obsessively looking at my eBay stats! I finally listed something on eBay! Check it out Here and Here.  What do you have going on today?


* As you can see I have my latest Polyvore set above! I love fashion and I have seen more and more people wearing overalls again. Can I just say how excited I am about this. I salivate. I must have a pair before the Spring & Summer season is over. The great thing about them is that they can be worn with heels or sandals.

* I've been thinking about going back to school, even though I'm not of the traditional age anymore. Have you gone back to school. Did you hate it? It seems a bit scary. Let's not even talk about having to apply, needing transcripts, waiting on acceptance letters, possibly applying for grants and/or financial aid. Ugh..

 * I love tea... Black tea, green tea, chai tea, white tea. Love em all. Is it just me or does tea just not sooth the soul! I really need for a Teavana tea bar to come on down to Atlanta or just more tea houses to pop up in general. Just a nice place to go and chill, read a book, and sip some tea. 

* How cool would it be to grow your own herbs? I'm wondering how difficult it will be or if I would use the herbs enough to where I wouldn't waste so much?

* Why is gas so HIGH right now!?! In my neighborhood gas has jumped up to 3.80!!!!!! Whaaaa.. No. This is unacceptable. Thankfully, I only work 15 mins away from home. Je-buss!

So what have you been up to this weekend? Tell me your ramblings. :)




  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I am also thinking about going back to school, but in a different way. I am sure I can't go to school full time, I need to do it next to a job to have financial support. So I am thinking of taking evening courses. It is probably better than going back to school full time. But it totally depends on what you want and what is convenient for you!

  2. I did thanks! :) I'm not sure if I could even do school full time. I worked and went to school full time before and it was no picnic. I just hope this all manifests the way I see it working out. We shall see! Thanks for the comment. Hope you're having a great week so far!

    1. I had a lovely week! I am sure you will figure out something great for your future!

  3. I never thought overalls would be back "in!" Seems straight out of a Friends episode! :) Awesome!

  4. Lol! It does seem a Friends episode doesn't it? :) Love it!

  5. I have been told herbs are not hard to grow. I don't use a ton of herbs, so I have never grown them. I am not a fan of overalls, lol, though do bring memories from when I was younger. I have not gone back to school, but I homeschool my kids and trust me it is just like going back to school, lol. If you really want to do it, do it. You won't know if you don't ever give it a shot.


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