May 2, 2014

The Vegetarian Life


Happy Friday!

Last week I decided to eat absolutely NO MEAT!! It's a big deal folks! I'm a total meat eater. I'm talking about I could have only a meal that consists of meat (and most likely cheese) and be just fine. Every now and then though I believe that we must push ourselves past our comfort zone. It allows you to grow and learn many things about yourself as I did this past week.

So you ask, why did I decide to ditch the meat AND for only one week? 
To be honest I've been fed up with trying to eat healthy and just wanted to commit to eating healthy! I chose to do only one week, because quite frankly it seemed like a lot and I couldn't imagine going longer!

What was it like and what did you learn?
When I went grocery shopping to prepare for this meatless week, I actually became very panicked. Even though I had a list of what I wanted,  it still felt like ALL MEALS EVER MADE required meat! It was almost like I was afraid I would starve to death if I didn't have meat, which of course I know isn't true...  At the time though it was a #shitjustgotreal moment. Lol!  In all actuality, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I'm a total emotional eater, so when I'm stressed out I just want a warm fuzzy hug and a nice juicy burger with cheese and bacon! Of course when I was having a hard or long day,  the first thing I wanted to do was comfort myself with a savory treat, but I didn't. For the most part I didn't even miss the meat. What this showed me was that even if from time to time I get frustrated with my weight journey, I do actually have willpower and commitment power. That in itself is priceless. Now, when I'm struggling I think back to that week and I know that I can have good eating habits, because I proved it!

What kind of foods did you eat?
Well breakfast was easy. Bowl up some cereal or some oatmeal and call it one. Lunch was somewhat difficult if I didn't have meatless leftovers and sometimes I just didn't feel like having leftovers. On those days I went to Subway and got the veggie patty (which is actually very good) sub and some chips. Having the chips made it feel like a normal meal. Here are some of my lunches:

For dinner The Boo and I made spaghetti with bell peppers, onion, and zucchini. Before last week I would've sworn up and down that I didn't like zucchini, but now we've become fast friends.

We also made pizza which was fun! We got some pizza dough from Publix and smashed it down with our hands. I sauteed some bell peppers and onion and sprinkled them all over the sauce. Then topped that off with baby spinach leaves, Basil, oregano, S&P, and lots of cheese!

The best meal though were the veggie enchiladas with fajita rice! I found the recipe on none other than Pinterest! Isn't Pinterest amazing for food ideas? I've pinned so many and cooked none until now. I went in search for a zucchini recipe and found it that way. The green chili sauce is what you'll see in the blender below. It had just the right amount of spiciness! 

Speaking of Pinterest, I'm totally going to do a Food Challenge in the month of June. One new recipe per week and I'm thinking maybe have some kind of theme. Wanna join me?? :)

So those were my foods for the week! All in all I felt a lot lighter and did't feel the need to eat as much. I'm thinking that I will plan more meatless meals from now on and I will definitely have that veggie patty again from Subway. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? What recipes do you like? Do you have any struggles or miss meat?? Let me know!



  1. I wish I could convince my family to go completely meatless. Good for you. For now I settle for a lot less beef, more chicken and at least one meatless night a week.

    1. Thanks! It's not an easy thing to give it up when you've had it your whole life. At least you get in one meatless meal a week. Now you just have to sneak in another and another until you're completely meatless! Lol. ;)

  2. It seems like you did great! there are many dishes without meat that are lovely. But I am a bit like you, I always find it heard to look at it as a whole meal.


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