May 15, 2014

Birthday Adventures!


What are you up to today? Perhaps like me, you are at work and taking a lunch break or maybe you’re working from home, or yet still maybe you’re homeschooling your kids. Either way, welcome! I have been diligently working on this week’s Weekly Wishes and today’s post is about #3, which is making birthday plans!

Often times over the years, since my birthday falls close to and sometimes is on Memorial Day, it has been spent traveling and visiting family. I was always made to feel special on my birthday with a cake baked (yellow cake with chocolate frosting of course), presents given, and the birthday song sung throughout the month by my parents. As of late though, I’ve been taking considerable thought into what I’d really like to do. When I turned 30, the Rent’s came down to visit and spent a couple days with me going around to all the spots I’d been wanting to go to.

The following year, I decided that I wanted to hop on a plane and visit one of my BFF’s and her husband and have a real gown-up birthday filled with exciting new foods, shopping, dancing, and all types of drunken fun times! See my 31 Pearls of Wisdom.

Last year The Boo and I spent what seemed like every waking minute at the movies, when we didn’t go to Medieval Times, the Georgia Aquarium, and weren’t indulging in fancy restaurants. 

This year since I love to travel, I was thinking of making it a beach birthday! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Destin, FL. Maybe also going to Savannah, GA and visiting the beach at Tybee Island. I’ll probably consult with Bing since they have a lot of travel info and tips. The other thought is just staying in town and being a tourist here. Maybe go and ride the Skyview ferris wheel downtown or maybe dress up and go see a play? The possibilities are endless!

What say you? Got any suggestions for me? Let me know!



  1. Sounds like you've had some great birthdays! I'm totally behind the beach idea. :D

  2. Yes, indeed I have. I'm thinking beach too. :)


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