April 5, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Relaxing


I'm really enjoying my Sunday. I feel totally relaxed right now. I'm just sitting here enjoying the breeze flowing in from my balcony, because I have the door open and listening to R. Kelly's Happy People album and a mix of other songs. There is nothing like a day off to just do anything you want to do.

Yesterday me and Beloved felt like getting out of the house so we went to Peachtree City to do some window shopping. Of course there is shopping near us, but we were tired of going to the same old places. One of the stores we went into was Williams-Sonoma. I can't afford most of the things in there, but the staff is warm and friendly and it's nice to dream. They had some copper pots and pans in there that looked nice but were like $400.00-600.00!! I asked the saleswoman what the difference was btw them and the stainless steel. She said the only difference is, is that they look nicer on display and they heat up quicker...... I'm like this.. If I'm paying 4-600.00 dollars for a pot/pan it better talk to me and cook the meal too! I might buy that if I was rich and that price seemed like chump change, but other than that it will stay on the shelf in the store.

After shopping we went to the movies in Morrow. It was a pretty large theater and surprisingly enough it wasn't that crowded. Idk if it was like that because it was a late movie or what, but anyway... We went to go see 'The Haunting in Connecticut'. I thought that it was a good movie, but Beloved thought it was mediocre. If you have seen the trailer then you know it's about ghosts and supernatural activity. I haven't experienced any strong ghostly encounters, but I know they do exist. I have said it once and I'll say it again. You don't phuck with the spirits and death. (pardon my french) You just don't. When I think back, I now understand why my parents never let me have and mess with a Ouija board, lol. Too many bad things can happen. But I do recommend seeing it. If your expecting blood and gore, don't. It's not that type of movie.

Moving on...

I wanted to have a picture for this post (because I always do), but I forgot my camera. I like to keep it real for you and not use pictures taken by someone else. Then again.. you may not even care. But I think it adds a personal touch. :) I think I will read my newly acquired book now and pittle the day away.


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  1. Yea i agree, the pot/pan better prepare the meal for that price lol

    The weird looking guy is made of vegetables, its a pretty bizarre advertisement for a vegetable drink over here


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