March 3, 2014

The Dragon in the Village

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Mine was pretty fabulous. Thank you for asking. :) Since I wake up at the butt crack of dawn (according to my friend), I was decided to get out and about to run an errand before the day really got started. On my way to the Post Office I saw a new (at least new to me) sculpture and I just had to take pictures to share!
Part of the reason I like living where I do is because you get to see all kinds of street art. Now why there is a dragon in the middle of the village, I don't know. However I can totally appreciate it.
My favorite part on here is on the chest of the dragon. I am a heart fiend. Anything to do with the hearts and I swoon. No lie, I probably have at least 8 jewelry items right now that are hearts! So a hand holding a heart, is all the better to me. :)
I love the fact that the dragon has so many different textures that make up the whole sculpture. Not sure what those symbols mean. Can anyone give me an idea? I thought this was a finished piece that had been here for while since some of the areas seem to be rusted. But later that afternoon as I drove by, I saw someone still working on it. Using recycled material, maybe?
So that's it for now! Have you seen any awesome street art lately? Let me know! ;o)
A. Sparkle

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