April 28, 2014

Weekly Wishes #8

Its that time again for weekly wishes! Did you set any goals for last week? If so, how did they go? Are you just joining me? Let me explain what happens for Weekly Wishes..

The Happenings: You share your weekly, monthly, or yearly goals/wishes/achievements and you get to be a part of this big group of people that are doing the same thing. Yay! Wanna join in? Check out The Nectar Collective.
Well friends I don't know about you, but I'm off to a stellar start for the week. Not for any particular reason. I just feel good, rested, and in a fairly cheerful mood! Well no, I take that back... I'm really geeked, because although it seemed like it took foreverrrrrrrrrr, I finally have my new domain name up and running!!! (Thank to hubby to be!) YAY! I was Life Happens and now I'm A. Sparkle Says! Go ahead and take a look at the address bar and you'll see it. :) I'm chair dancing as we speak.. So without further ado..
Last Weeks Wishes
* No meat for one week - I did it!! I really really did it! This is a total big deal for me. Never did I think I could go even one day without meat and I did a week! I learned a big lesson in doing this that I didn't expect at all. It's like facing a fear and ripping it to shreds! It feels damn good I tell ya! More info on the next blog post about this.
* Focus on Etsy shop - Totally did this one too. I've rearranged and set things up the way I need them and I'm ready to start setting up sales with coupon codes. Anyone else ready for Mother's Day? Oddly enough, I now have been commissioned to make two sets of hats ands baby booties. I'm excited to get started. More updates to come on this later as well. 

This Weeks Wishes

* Start the Purge Process - For whatever reason I've felt the need to look through my stuff and get rid of all the things I don't need. I'm feeling a little cramped and that makes me anxious, so it's time to get this done. I'll start with at least 5 things, but the overall goal is to get rid of at least 100 items.

* Revamp the blog - I'd really like to find another template and change up some of my pages. So be on the look out for a new look. :)

* Weight Train & Exercise - I gotta put this one back on the list since I've fallen off. It seems like everyone around me is losing weight and getting in shape. It's mosdef time for me to get back on my grind, especially since Summer is fast approaching.

Welp, that's it friends! What are your wishes and goals this week? :)


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