March 8, 2014

Food Adventure #30


As is typical for me and The Boo, we went out for dinner and a movie last night. Steak & Shake was our first choice, but it was crazy busy and I don't know about your local one, but they're known for being really slow at mine. By the by... You MUST try the red velvet shake. Its just... Just... There are no words really. Just go try it!

Next up was Chili's.. Now I love me some Chili's. I have fond memories of going there every Friday night in college with my friends. It was pretty much like going to the club in comfortable clothes and eating really good food. However, it was busy too so on on to the next one...

It was concluded that we were to eat at Waffle House and then a glorious green sign beckoned. It was Wok Asian Stir Fry and both The Boo and I were up for the adventure!

Yet again.. My theory about hole in the walls having the best food was proven to be correct! I ordered the Bourbon chicken, fried rice, and spring roll and it did not disappoint! I put soy sauce on the rice, but quite frankly it didn't even really need it. Me and spring rolls have never really been friends because a lot of times they are tasteless, but this one was good. This meal reminded me of that really good Chinese food you can get in any mall. Don't sleep on the Chinese mall food. It' good!
Okay so, if you have yet to try a non-bigbox restaurant then you must.. I know its going to look a little seedy and you might question your safety somewhat, but go ahead and try one. (Make sure you look at the restaurant health inspection grade) You'll be fine and be glad you did. :)

Have you had a food adventure lately or Eaton at Wok Asian Stir Fry? Tell me all about it!



  1. Oh girl this is looks so yummy! :)

    1. It most definitely was. It's a repeat performance. :o)

  2. That looks unbelievably delicious, you definitely made the right choice there!

    1. Thanks! I think I'll try something different when I go back. :)


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