March 31, 2014

Weekly Wishes: The 4th

Greetings peeps!
Its that time again for weekly wishes! Did you set any goals for last week? If so, how did they go? Are you just joining me? Let me explain what happens for Weekly Wishes..

The Happenings: You share your weekly, monthly, or yearly goals/wishes/achievements and you get to be a part of this big group of people that are doing the same thing. Yay! Wanna join in? Check out The Nectar Collective.
Last Weeks Wishes
*Exercise - Yeah well... does doing a lot of walking at a car show count? If not then I didn't get this one accomplished. :op
*Finish my crochet kerchief project - Er... Nope.
*Do some writing on the book - I'm ashamed to say no!!
(hangs head) I have no idea what I was doing all last week! Lol. I'm sure whatever it was I thought I was busy and it was important, but now it's time to start again.
This Weeks Wishes
1. Okay.. I know it's been on there for the past three weeks, but I'm throwing exercise back on the list! This will fall under one of my previous wishes to practice good time management. Even if I have to secretly do twenty jumping jacks in the bathroom stall at work I'm getting some kinda exercise in this week!!
2. Spring clean - I don't know why, but when Spring does finally roll around I get the urge to clean clean clean! So the plan is to pick one thing everyday and just go balls to the wall at it. Maybe today I'll tackle the bathroom? Get rid of products I don't need, dust, & general cleaning.
3. I have a few letters I need to write that I've procrastinated on. It's time to get those written and done. 
April Monthly Goals/Wishes
1. I really want to get back to regular meditation and journaling. It helps me to deal with stress and keeps me focused. I want to make it a daily practice. I plan to interchange what I'm doing every other day. If I start out meditating on my Monday, then I'll journal on Tuesday and so forth and so on.
2. I'd really reeeeeally like to drop about 10 lbs this month. That will get me back into wonderland (i.e. the 100's) and I will feel like I've accomplished something really big, because... it's a big deal.
3. Re-Connect with my friends. Sometimes life gets busy and it's easier just to check to see what's going on with people through Facebook or Twitter. I want to actually call my friends and say hello and maybe send them something nice in the mail to let them know I'm thinking about them and that I care.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday! I'm determined to get a lot of work done today and really get some things accomplished. So that's it for now. Tell me what's going on with you. Do you have some goals for April?


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