March 26, 2014

Weighting In: Health vs. Weight-Loss


As always, it seems to be that I've found a new book to read. Nevermind the fact that I currently have at least five other books that I'm in the middle of. I really should add 'Finish a freakin book' to my Weekly Wishes next week! Ha!
I was watching Oprah Prime and she had Sharon Stone and Cameron Diaz on there talking about getting older. Did you watch it too? I loved it. Why? I'm 32 and I'm seeing little signs of age and I don't like it! I just gotta tell ya that getting older is no joke!
No one tells you that you will start to get rogue old lady chin hairs like your 5th grade teacher had, or that after the age of 25, or that you can't stay up 24 hrs without feeling like death warmed over the next day. You have to take care of yourself, which brings me to the new book I'm reading.. See how that went full circle? ;) I'm talking about The Body Book, by Cameron Diaz.

Here's the thing about me and my weight-loss journey.. (and I'm gonna be really honest here) I simply want to lose weight so that I can wear the clothes that fit my personality and NOT clothes for an 85 year old woman that likes to wear tiny flower prints, boxy shirts, and sweats and/or wind suits all the time. (No offense to older ladies out there) I want to be able to shop in more than 3 major stores for 'somewhat' stylish clothes. And let's not forget the benefit of not being discriminated against for not being skinny. Maybe you're thinking that the last statement is a little dramatic, but I've experienced it myself at my own job. People are a lot nicer to me, men AND women when they notice I'm losing weight. It's crazy!
I digress though...
So the book talks a lot about eating "whole foods" or foods sustained by mother earth. That means no foods with preservatives and definitely no fast foods! (perish the thought!!) Her whole angle in the book is to be healthy. I can dig it. Although, I must say that it's much easier to grab the hamburger helper box and throw some ground turkey in it and call it one than to go to the grocery and buy all the many ingredients it's gonna take to replicate and cook that meal. I figure it's a baby steps kind of thing. Maybe cook one major whole food meal on the weekend when I can enjoy taking my time and not have to rush. 
She talks about how to take care your body and skin and all that jazz too, but I haven't gotten to that point in the book yet. I like this book and it's making a lot of sense so far. So, good people of the land, do you eat for taste, to be healthy, or to just lose weight??
Oh by the way..... and this blew my mind.. It also says that just because you are overweight, doesn't mean that you can't be malnourished. Whaaaaa? I know! The gist is that if you're not feeding your body real nutrients (or eating empty calories) then you can be malnourished. Bam! Did you know this little fact? Let me know!


  1. Stopping by from All About Blogspot on Etsy. :)

  2. I need to read this book too!!! Thank you!
    Stopping by from All About Blogspot on Etsy.

  3. I am with you on the aging thing. It scares me. Luckily I still look young but it is important to take care of yourself when you are younger. I need to start back hitting the gym for sure.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by Cindy & Olena!
    Brittany - I'll be right there with you trying to do better. I'm going today to the store to fill my house with whole foods.


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