October 3, 2014

Fall Festival Fashion

Fall Festival Fashion

Fall Festival Fashion by ptyfashvic featuring a zipper wallet

Greetings All!

It's FRIDAAAAAAY!!! Can we all just do a little happy dance for a minute? I'm especially excited because I'm going kick off the weekend with a bang! I'll be going to the Atlanta Cheese Festival being held at Botanical Gardens!! There's beer.. There's cheese.. There's wine.. And a beautiful setting to boot.. You can't really beat that can you?

Anyway, if I had it my way this is what I'd wear to said soirée. I'd be sparkly, high on heels, Smokey eyed, and fabulous. Actually I won't be too far off from that description except for the heels. I have no patience for hurting toes and sore feet anymore. However, I will have on some really cute flats. Besides the Cheese Festival, I also want to do some apple picking and finally go to a corn maze! I've heard it's great fun. :)

 So what do you have planned for Fall activities?


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