October 15, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday: What I Learned from Tim Gunn

Greetings friends!

I luh-ove watching Project Runway! I’ve been watching it since Season 6 and I’m still addicted. Tim is without a doubt my favorite person on there. I even feel like he’s missing when I watch Project Runway All Stars. There just isn’t the same warm and fuzziness on there without him. Although I still love watching All Stars too! I was thinking about what Tim always says to a designer when it looks like they are in serious trouble with their outfit…. 

“Make It Work”

I think that these words apply not just to the designers, but to life in general especially when it comes to taking care of yourself. I’ve been trying to think of ways to stay motivated to work out and when to fit it into my daily schedule. The only answer is like Tim says, “Make it Work”. Sometimes I like working out before work, specifically when I wake up at 5 in the AM for no reason…. I figure may as well be productive! :o) At the same time though I don’t mind working out after work. My body is more flexible by then, I’m actually awake, and I feel like I get a better work out…

 I pretty much stick to aerobics, walking or yoga (which is my favorite). And speaking of which, DoYouYoga has a great website that I like to go to, to get inspired! I think yoga is my favorite, because you work on your mind and your body. Plus, I don't always feel like jumping and dancing around like a maniac trying to get a good work out in. 

So do you work out? If, so what’s your favorite time of day and activity? Share your thoughts! :)




  1. Wonderful post!
    Does thinking about working out count? :)
    I have a stretching routine that when consistently done, does produce results. Key to making it work...being consistent.

    1. Many Thanks!!
      HA! If thinking about working out counted, I'd be a size 2.. :op
      I like stretching. Stretching is good. Makes you all bend-y and flexible and you can't go wrong with that, now can you? :)
      I agree with consistency. I suppose it's like having a job. You still have to go everyday despite that lounging around the house is Way better. lol


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