October 29, 2014

Portion Control

Salutations all!

I hope that everyone is having a great day thus far!  Mine was rather wacky and stressful, but I took it all in stride. :) I'm actually quite proud of myself really. Normally when I'm aggravated or upset I just want to soothe it with a nice big meal or junk food. It acts as a salve of sorts, ya know? A yummy salve that generally involves some sort of cheesy goodness! ha ha. However, I decided to take a different path. 

The thing that I realized about how I was eating and how I'm eating now, is that I feel much better in my own skin. And quite frankly I feel more confident! Whenever I've tried to live a healthier life in the past, I was successful because I followed the rules. Unfortunately (since I gained it all back) I don't think I really noticed that I felt better and not so heavy and weighed down. 
~ pun intended :op ~

I'm still struggling with portion sizes, specifically for dinner but I think I'm starting to grasp things better. For any of you struggling with portions like myself, Everyday Health has 10 great tips to help with portion control. You'd be surprised by what you think a serving size is as opposed to what it really is. Here are a few tips they have..

Learn how to estimate serving sizes. ‘Ballpark’ food portion sizes by estimating serving sizes in comparison to known objects,” says Rose Clifford, RD, clinical dietitian in the department of pharmacy services at the Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC. “For example, three ounces of cooked meat, fish, or poultry is about the size of a deck of cards.” Other easy measurements to eyeball include:
  • ½ cup is the size of an ice cream scoop
  • 1 cup is the size of a tennis ball
  • 1 ounce of cheese is the size of a domino

 Use portion control dishware. Pick out smaller plates, bowls, cups, and glassware in your kitchen and measure what they hold. You might find that a bowl you thought held 8 ounces of soup actually holds 16, meaning you’ve been eating twice what you planned.

If you want to check out the rest of the tips, you can go here to check things out and snoop around. What other tips and tricks do you use to control your portions? Let us know!


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