October 1, 2014

October Goals & Stuff!

I thought I would do something different for Weekly Wishes and start out with monthly goals! It’s been a total minute since I’ve done any Wishes and so, let’s wipe the slate clean and start anew with things to accomplish this month and then start back in to Weekly Wishes.  Just like in the Spring, I feel a need to start things fresh in the Fall. Maybe fresh isn’t the right word? I think I mean more so restore. For me it’s a time to restore balance into my life and daily routines.  Let’s make some monthly goals!

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1.      Clean out my closet and bookshelf ~ I just feel like I have too much stuff and need to purge. There are plenty of clothes that I don’t want or can’t fit that just need to go to Goodwill. (I just can’t bare to throw them away and who has time to wait for stuff to sell on eBay?) As far as books go, my shelves are overflowing and I don’t like it. I’m that person that believes that everything has a place and it should go in it. (Ideally anyway.. ha!) So time to let go of some books.

2.  Find yummy scrumdiddlyumptious recipes and then actually cook them ~ I haven’t cooked on a consistent basis in a while now (Oh, the horror!) and now I feel like it’s time to get back at it. I really want to cook twice a week and then eat out maybe just on the weekends. How often do you cook?
3.  Do some Major Etsy Maintenance ~ I want to add at least 4 new items to the shop, get my EtsyFu going, and retake some pictures on a couple of items. I also have a new project to start on and finish by January. So it’s time to get cracking!

4.   Go to a Coding Meetup ~ Classes are now done and it’s time for the next big step in my training. I’ve joined a Ruby on Rails group with only women and I think it’ll be a nice change and a refreshing experience to kinda go at my own pace. From the reviews I’ve seen, new members really like going and people are friendly. I just gotta be brave and get on out there and go! Wish me luck!

Well now, I have one goal for each week this month. I think that should suffice! J What have you been up to? What are your goals for this month or week? I’d really like to know… Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. I need to do some Etsy work, too! There's some stuff I made that I need to photograph, but I need more inventory in general. I just got accepted to some holiday craft shows, as well, so it looks like I'll have a lot of sewing to do in the next few weeks.

    1. That's great!! I hope the holiday craft show goes very well for you! I have yet to muster the bravado to apply for one. One day tho.. :)


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