October 5, 2014

Sunday's Outing..

Greetings All! 

Happy Sunday! It's been a chilly, but beautiful weekend here in Atlanta. I actually broke out my sweater and (one of many) scarves for my outings. :) I love getting out and walking around in the chilly air. There's just something festive in the air when it starts to becoming layering season! Next weekend for our next outing we may go to the Georgia State Fair. Good times. :) Here's what I got into today... 

We had a late start getting out for the day and so we decided to have a nice brunch at Urban Cannibals in East Atlanta. Their 'samiches' are phenomenal! The fact that they call their sandwiches, 'samiches' alone let's me know that it's a great place to eat.. It's a fun and rustic atmosphere as well. You can get a samich and pick up general store items too!


Wanting to stay out in the sunshine, The Boo & I took a walk down the street to the vintage home furnishing store called Kaboodle.  They have a lot of fun re-purposed items like coffee tables, dining tables, and kitchen gadgets. I even saw the exact kind of sewing machine that my mother has and still uses to this day! 

Even saw this creepy, but kool sculpture at an old pay phone place. The face has three mouths and seven eyes, and what looks like hair (or tongues) all around it's face. I dunno what's supposed to be going on here or what it means, but it's mosdef an attention grabber!

So what did you do with yourself today? Did you go on any adventures for the weekend?


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