April 25, 2014

Food Adventure #32

Greetings friends! 

I must admit something... Although I've eaten at and experienced the goodness of Waffle House, I've never had Huddle House. This past weekend though, I had the opportunity to give it a go! Oddly enough, I've really only seen Huddle House when driving to the North (and when I say north I mean Illinois, Indiana, or Ohio, because they're north of me) but to my surprise they serve 'Southern' food.  

I'm quite the breakfast addict, and I'd always heard that Huddle House was just like Waffle House, but better, so I was curious to see how they stacked up against each other. 

I got the smothered southern breakfast of sorts. Can't remember the official name at the moment, but it was a biscuit topped with sausage, hash browns, scrambled eggs, cheese, and white sausage gravy. Er... The gravy was white. Not the sausage. ;) I don't really mess with white gravy too tough, but I felt like living life on the edge that day and figured why not? 

Looks pretty good, right? The biscuit alone was glorious, so I was very happy with my choice. The Boo's breakfast involved a waffle, so I was anxious to see how it tasted. Now.. I used to be a sceptic about how good the Waffle House waffle really is. That is until I tried it and realized that NOBODY can beat the yummy gloriousness that is the Waffle House waffle. I'm sad to report that the Huddle House waffle wasn't even in the running. There was no yummy goodness to be found and the waffle was cold. I may as well have been eating a hotel continental breakfast waffle that had the taste level slightly above cardboard... Okay maybe I exaggerate a little here, but it just wasn't good. Lol. 

My smothered biscuit part was pretty awesome though. I was kind impressed at the extensive menu that Huddle House had, but for now Waffle House still lives as number one in my heart! 

Who do you like better? Let me know.. :)



  1. Oh, we have them all over the South. I think it was originally a Southern chain to start with, so that would be why the Southern food. Also, who doesn't like Southern food? I'm a big diner fan myself and have eaten at many Huddle House's in my time.

    1. I love a good diner myself. Idk why they seem to have a bad wrap.. :)

  2. I live in Missouri and have never heard of this place, love white sausage gravy though. And breakfast, my favorite meal of the day!

    1. Mine too! I could eat breakfast for every meal. :)


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