April 7, 2014

Weekly Wishes #5


Its that time again for weekly wishes! Did you set any goals for last week? If so, how did they go? Are you just joining me? Let me explain what happens for Weekly Wishes..

The Happenings: You share your weekly, monthly, or yearly goals/wishes/achievements and you get to be a part of this big group of people that are doing the same thing. Yay! Wanna join in? Check out The Nectar Collective.
Last Weeks Wishes

1. Exercise! (yes again!) - I did it!! I worked out three times this week and now I feel sore, shaky, and it hard to walk down stairs. Who am I kidding... it's hard to walk at all!! Lol. 
It's a good thing though. :)

2. Spring Clean - This was halfway done. I got something's cleaned and others are still seeking attention. I'll give this one another go.

3. Letter writing - started writing a letter that I haven't finished yet. Maybe I'll get to it this evening?

This Weeks Wishes

1. I still want to exercise, clean, & finish my letters and all that jazz, so let's just roll this into one.

2. Prepare my lunches the night before - It will just make life a lot more simple in the mornings if I do this. I absolutely hate being late for work, so this will minimize rushing.(which I don't like either)

3. Cut out fast food - In order to lose the 10 lbs I want by the end of the month I can't eat this stuff. To be honest, the fast food restaurants near me aren't very good, so no point in wasting money that way.


So that's it kiddies! What are your wishes for this week?



  1. Kudos on your accomplishments! I'm not getting very far with my spring cleaning (or exercise!). I took a day off of work last week, worked all weekend, and it STILL doesn't feel like I'll ever catch up. Ug.

    1. Thank you Allison! It feels good to finally get something done.. I'm sure you will catch up soon.. It always happens at some point, right? :-)

  2. Congratulations, you've reached all your last week goals ! good luck for the next week :-)


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