April 6, 2014

Weekend Adventures: The Car Show

Last weekend me and The Boo got up early and scurried on downtown to The Atlanta International Car Show. I have very fond memories of going to car shows when I was younger. There would always be fun booths to look at, shiny cars to sit in, and people from all over to look at. Never a dull moment really and it kept my young mind occupied. I hadn't been to a car show of any kind since then (probably age 10) and so I was very excited to go to one as an adult!

I didn't expect to see classic cars there, and I was surprised to see some old NYC and Atlanta police cars as well as the car from the Andy Griffith Show! It was pretty cool seeing the NYC police car. It was like being able to see the something up close an personal that you've only seen on TV.

Now, the best car there is one that I have coveted since I was three years if age and I saw that Barbie could have one too. Except I'll take mine in yellow! It is my favorite color after all. :)
Yes! The 2014 Corvette Stingray!! I salivate....

I don't remember there being so many people going to a car show before, but there were a butt load at this one! Some cars (such as the Corvette & the Camaro) had so many people gathered around that you had to stand in line just to sit in the car and even when it was your turn, people were halfway rushing you to get out! :)
All in all we had a lot of fun and I for one look forward to going back again next year!
Hope you had a great weekend!


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