March 8, 2009

A Day at the Gallery

Happy Sunday kiddies!
Last weekend I went to my local gallery in The Village. I like to step in there every now and then to see the different artwork that they have on display there. Its actually rather big to be in such a small area and off in the cut. But then again they do have a dance rehearsal studio and a theater in there too. The picture above is the hallway coming back from the classroom area.

There were some pretty nice pieces in there, and they were quite expensive too! If I ever make it as a 'starving artist' I could be making the big bucks! I saw this amazing painting here featured above. I thought that the zebra sky was quite clever and I LOVE the texture at the bottom of it. It's a horrible picture I know, but I was trying to take a picture of it on the sly. (I don't think you're supposed to take pictures of the work, but oh well! lol)

This little area here happened to be in one of the classrooms. Your thinking, 'What in the hell is something like this doing in a classroom?' Yes I thought the same thing too and I have no idea what the area is for really, but it looks like it's probably used for storage. That's actually up above the the room, kind of like an attic. The funny thing about it was that there weren't any steps leading to this little mysterious area. (not that I saw anyway.)

It was a nice visit and I wish that I had more friends who liked going to galleries and cultural things of that nature. But I guess I will have to keep going by myself for now (unless family is in town), and I'm alright with that. I guess that's it for tonight.

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