March 9, 2009

More Flags, More Fun, Six Flags!!

Hey ya,

Me, Beloved, and his Sister ended up going to Six Flags on Saturday. It was great being on the roller coasters again. I like that scary, nervous, excited, feeling that you get when you take a free fall and fling yourself to the ground going 50 mph! Ah, yes.. Nothing like risking your life to get the adrenaline pumping and the blood flowing! We only rode about 3 rides. I didn't even ride the one above, but Beloveds sister did. It looked like fun, but my stomach had had enough! I don't like all these changes my body is making as I get older!! What ever happened running & not walking through the park and riding ALL of the rides in the entire park! I'm shedding a tear for my lost youth as we speak. lol.
We hung out in Gotham City for a while and got to see Batman and Wonder Woman. Now why she was kickin it in Gotham City I do not know. We were gonna ride the Batman, but we saw a lot of people walking away from the ride. At first we thought the ride was closed, but no.. there was an hour and a half wait! So we turned right back around and headed for a different ride.

Aw, see there's the Batmobile, and if you will notice there's Batman in the top left corner watching over his car. If you haven't rode the Goliath you just must! Its the best ride in the whole freakin park. So anyway, do you have any six flags stories, if so do tell! :)

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