March 10, 2009


Sup peoples,

As stated before, I went to Six Flags over the weekend, right? Well as I was standing in a very long line my eyes did behold a hair style that I hadn't seen since like 1995! I forgot to post this little gem of a picture in my last post, but that's okay, because I feel that it should stand alone anyway!

Yes.. yes, ladies and gentleman, this guy is rocking the hightop fade!! I couldn't even believe my eyes.. I was like, 'wait a minute..' and I had to do a double take, because I just knew my eyes were deceiving me. But no.. Now, I'm not that old (27 yrs to be exact) but er um.. seeing this was just hilarious to me. I know that he couldn't have been older than me and he may have even been a teenager, so I was like 'What in the world does he know about that kinda hair style?'

Now back in the day I was a fan of this particular style and I even loved the version that had steps and different levels to it. But seriously.. a hightop fade in 2009...... ...... .......... I don't think so. And I know that people are in a state of mind now where obtaining a throwback is the thing to flaunt, but is this the direction that people are really trying to go back in?? Someone please let me know...

I do have to tell you that I commend this guy for being brave enough to step out of his house with that hair style. Do you think he will let it grow as tall as Kid's did from Kid 'n' Play? The world may never know.


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