March 22, 2009

Debate Night


I'm always on the lookout for new places to chill out and have a good time. So, on Thursday me and Beloved went to 'Debate Night', which basically is just a group of strangers getting together and talking about different subjects and arguing differences of opinion. We've been one time before and it was pretty nice, but very crowded. This time it was at this place called 'Utopia', a Cajun and Tapas bar. It had a very 'grown a sexy' flavor to it, so I had me a very grown up Washington apple martini. Normally I don't do Martini's, but this one was actually pretty nice.

The food was excellent, and I would recommend the buffalo chicken quesadilla! Their pico de gallo was awesome. So anyways, the people hosting the debate let the crowd write down different conversation topics, one of which simply asked, 'What do women want?'. It was rather funny, because mostly men were answering this question, so then one of the host started making the women talk. I think that the agreed upon answer was that women want Everything! I cant say that I disagree, but then again what is labeled as 'everything' can be different for all women. I think that guys should just ask the woman that they are with what it is she wants and expects. If you have any thoughts on this, do tell.. Other topics were, How do you keep someone from falling in love with you? and Why more people don't start there own business?

These pictures really don't do this venue any justice, but I forgot my camera and had to use my phone to take these pics. It's not shown but me and Beloved were sitting in a very snugly half booth, complete with our own chandelier, candles and curtains. So this place is definitely a repeat performance, even without going there for Debate Night. I'm really looking forward to going out again just in general, because I don't feel like I've experienced all there is to do in Atlanta. What have you done interesting over the weekend?

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