March 15, 2009

Nu Shooz

I just have to say that I'm in love with my new shoes!! I've been wanting some shoes in this style for the longest and I finally found some at Target. They are very comfortable and I can where them to work.
I was thinking that they were really boots, but if you pull back the flap (that should've been the 1st clue) that goes across the top of the foot, you will see that its a regular shaped 'Keds' kinda shoe with some material cuteness and buttons attached. I felt like I had been put in a trick bag when I saw this! But for $22.99 what can you expect? I still like them though and I might go back and get them in black as well.
Speaking of new shoes... This is one of my favorite songs in the whole wide world! Check it out.
Yes it's from the 80's, so there's no 'real' video so you can only listen to the song, but I have good memories to go along with this song. My Dad would take me to the Ta Kwon Do class that he used to teach and this song always seemed to be on the radio every time we went. At 4 yrs old it was a magically fun song, what can I say? Maybe it was the beat. Idk, but I still love this song. Hope you enjoy, Ciao!

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