March 14, 2009

Doubled Up

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

I myself spread a few smiles around. Isn't it funny how someone can be frowning and then you throw a smile at them and they smile back. Then the next thing you know they start talking to you. That happened to me today as I was getting my brakes replaced. A woman was sitting in the waiting room getting the same thing done to her car and I smiled a her when I walked in. Once I sat down she explained to me that she was paying an arm, leg, lung, & and kidney or two to replace her brake system. I thought that I was just going in to get my brake pads replaced as well as an oil change, but I ended up promising the life of my first unborn child as well! Oh well, it needed to be done.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.. What's this picture about?

I was traveling home one day and was at a stoplight and I looked over and saw these signs. I think the way the roads are setup here in Atlanta are odd enough and then I saw this mess. Someone please tell me who decided that there needed to be two of the same sign sitting in the same exact spot? I thought that maybe there was a difference between the signs and they used the front one to cover up the old one, but no.... I wish I could find out the story behind this one, because I haven't seen this happen before. Have you seen any oddities like this before? Let me know. Ciao!

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