March 5, 2009

New Joy

I was riding around downtown and saw this awesome sculpture of MLK Jr. Its stuff like this that you can see around your town that makes the day seem a little bit nicer. This just makes me wanna travel around town and find all the great artwork or things that make you smile and be amused.

Speaking of art, I've started a new project. I'm doing a triptych (a set of three panels or compartments side by side, bearing pictures, carvings, or the like). I'm in the starting stages right now, so you may not be able to tell very well what everything is, but I will explain. Its basically 3 pieces of a woman looking satisfied or content, or at least in my mind she does.

This first one is of the top part of the head and you can only see the eyes, nose and some of the hair.

The second of shows the most of all three b/c you can see most of the nose, the lips and the chin.

And finally the third just features the woman's neck and the flip and curl in her hair. Each part of the hair that is shown on each painting has a different design and texture. If you wanna get all interpretive with it then I guess I would describe it as, 'The different designs in the hair represent the the different moods or thoughts of happiness and joy that she is pondering and enjoying and the lime green represents that calm aura that surrounds her.' So ta-da, there ya go.
I'll be back with an update sometime in the near future.

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