March 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home


I'm very excited to be going home this weekend to Tennessee. Me and my Beloved are going up there to a surprise birthday party for my Grandfather. I'm not sure how much family is supposed to be showing up, but fun should be had by all. I wish my favorite cousin was gonna be there, but he's all the way out in Cali. Can't expect people to travel half way across the country in these hard times. ::sigh::

Whenever I go outta town, it's always for only a weekend and it never seems like there is enough time to get everything accomplished. And for this reason I never try to visit friends while I'm there. Bad to admit, I know... But my friends are kinda flaky, so when I actually try and see them there seems to be a reason that they have to back out. (i.e. no babysitter, no ride, gotta work, it's raining, or they just don't answer their phone) They sound like some punks, don't they?

Yep.. That's because they are. That's why I don't call them.

I like just chillin with the 'Rents anyway. They like to go out and do stuff, they act silly with me, they are hilarious, and we have actual intelligent conversations! You cant beat the free room and food too. It's sweeeeeeeeeet. My parents are THE greatest!! It's about time for another roadtrip anyway, so I'm glad this event has come up.


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