February 7, 2009

Atlantic Station

Today I found myself downtown at Atlantic Station. It was a beautiful day and very warm outside for February. I even had my windows down. (you never realize how much dust is sitting in your car until you let the windows down after it gets warm) I like going to this area because it makes me feel like I'm in a mini New York. Its got tall buildings, condos, scaffolding, construction, shopping, restaurants, and plenty of traffic. The only thing its missing are the millions of cabs you'd see in traffic rather than normal cars. Its even complete with is own landmark like in Washington Square park.

This picture was taken from the 2nd floor in Ikea. I loooove Ikea! I generally spend so much time there fantasizing about decorating that I never go into any of the other near by shops in the area. Its sad I know... But if you've experienced the goodness of Ikea then you understand where I'm coming from.
I like looking at the condos pictured above. I've thought about taking the tour like when you go apartment hunting even though I know that I couldn't afford to live there. lol.. Would that be wrong? I know that they must look beautiful inside. Maybe one day I'll find out.

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