February 17, 2009

Lost In My Own City!!!

Today I hang my head in shame!!
Okay, so I was invited by a co-worker, to make trip out to the infamous Tiffany's jewelry store on our lunch break. I've never actually been inside a Tiffany's before so I was down for the ride. We had directions on how to get there and after one stop to the wrong place, asking directions from two people, and riding around for 20 mins, we finally found the store. Surprise surprise, it was in a VERY rich mall! I was in some nice work clothes, but I felt like an impostor!! Like as soon as I walked in the door, a loud buzzer was gonna go off alerting all the old rich women in there shopping that I didn't belong and letting the sales clerks know to immediately start turning up there noses and ignoring me.

Let me tell you Tiffany's is a glorious store! There were many necklaces, earrings, & bracelets that I was eyeballing. I just might save up some scrilla to make an extravagant purchase. Oh, and the staff was WAY nice in there! Loved it! So we left out of the store in plenty of time to get back to work, right?
So we start taking a highway that I think will get us back to work. It starts to look familiar so I'm like, 'Yeah see you can trust me. I'm not directionally challenged.' (and normally I'm not) But of course.. we are going in the wrong direction!! And on top of that we have to go through a toll! A TOLL!!! Who has ever heard of there being a toll being in Georgia, much less seeing any below the state of Virginia?! It was only .50, but still... ya know? So we have to turn around and go back in the opposite direction, and yes you've guessed it. We had to go through the toll AGAIN! So we're heading back in the opposite direction now and I see a familiar sign and I'm thinking "Yes, finally back to work.' But no.. first I see us pass the train depot near work, and then I see the street for work pass by, so I'm thinking we are close, but then no exit ever comes up for us to get off where we need it to. It was hilarious I tell you. So then finally, FINALLY we get into an area that I know and I get us back to work. We were like 20 mins late from lunch, but at least everyone at work had a good laugh about it, even our bosses. What a day! Ciao.

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